Top Tips To Make Sex More Exciting

Lovemaking is an integral part of being in love. But if you feel your sexual relationship is getting boring, don’t worry. I’m going to help you stay excited and interested longer with some cool techniques. Not just lasting longer, you will also have a more fulfilling experience and relationship.

The Necessity of Foreplay for Women

If you really want to last long, you have to forget the “wham-bam-and -done” approach. Women need a proper stimulation to prepare them mentally and physically for sex. That is what foreplay is supposed to be. It’s also important for men and gives them that extra longevity when it comes to ejaculation. It puts your woman in the mood and even lubes up her vagina for easy and pleasurable intercourse. She warms up and opens up, naturally becoming ready to have passionate sex. And there aren’t any concrete steps for a perfect foreplay; you just have to experiment to find what works best for everyone involved. You have to take time, put some effort and try to understand the needs of your partner.

Talk to each other to determine what works best for her. Take time to caress her, talk to her, kiss her and arouse her using your five senses. Slowly work your way to her breasts and under the belt taking time to concentrate in each area. The clitoris is the area to aim for, but don’t over-stimulate it because it can be painful for your woman. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes in foreplay and find out the difference yourself! Your tongue is a good tool and you need to use it the right way. Both the slippery underside and rough top of the tongue should be used for greater stimulation. Use varying degrees of pressure and motions when it comes to tease the clitoris. Tease it and suck it a bit and back off, as clitoris responds best to gentle teasing!

Try Different Sexual Positions for More Excitement in Bed

You can use some sex positions which give you less sensation and help you have a delayed orgasm. Try out the following! The most common technique to last longer in bed is the ‘girl on top’. You lie on your back while she rides you on top. Ask her to put her weights on her elbows placing them on your sides. The penetrations will be shallow with less sensation resulting in a longer duration. Another go-to position is doggy-style. This is often preferred to maximize penetration and vaginal stimulation.

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