Internet explorer Updates


It is public knowledge, to make its site compatible with Internet Explorer is a wound: totally random return of the positions, the floats, support of PNG 24bits inhumans, total absence of the CSS3 properties, etc.

Based on findings, there are at least three options as a developer.

Research and adaptation

Perform the work of compatibility work and waste some time to document all possible and imaginable hacks or writing a special style sheet for each version of Internet Explorer via conditional comments which, To confess, is not to speed up the process.

Skeleton Developer

Compromise and explanation

Partially abandon the support of Internet Explorer but try to sensitize the user to these problems by a mini tutorial, for example.


Boycott and doormat

Boycott coldly access via Internet Explorer and neglect some of the Internet users (about 50%) by leaving them on the doormat of the entrance of the site.

Door and doormat


For A plugged in life, we went on to the second option of making some technical concessions while trying to attract a little attention from visitors from Internet Explorer on compliance with W3C standards which, as we know , Promote interoperability between different browsers and unify the work of developers.
If you are curious and want to discover the tutorial we invite you to highlight your Internet Explorer for the occasion (and only this one).

… and Internet Explorer 9?

History to go further about Internet Explorer, it is also necessary to speak to you of its next version which should arrive in a few months. In March 2010, Microsoft had already delivered a preview of this new version with a site provided enough in demonstrations. For once, the editor of Redmond did not do things half and even if he had presented many comparative advantage for Internet Explorer, he had readily acknowledged his mistakes of the past.

After browsing this showcase site, it is necessary to note some advances (support HTML5 / CSS3, speed of execution of the scripts JavaScript increased, graphic acceleration, support of SVG, etc.), that you will find more in detail in most magazines Available online.

However, despite these many efforts to upgrade, one of the biggest blackheads remains that Internet Explorer 9 will not be accessible for people with Windows XP, or about 55% of users according to Statcounter Global Stats in December 2010. Indeed, Internet Explorer 9 will be available only for Windows Vista or Windows 7, which will therefore delay its adoption and will not immediately benefit the developers who will still have to support the old versions for many years …